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                            Israel Network Ireland

is a new initiative for the island of Ireland, in that, it is the endeavor of this Ministry to reach out to the Inter-denominational body of Believers, Christian Politicians, Interdenominational Pastors and Christian Leaders to encourage and support those within these groupings who are interested in understanding and indeed joining in what is now an end time sweep of the Holy Spirit across the globe giving greater understanding of Israel from a biblical perspective in these days.

We would like you to consider us your Israel link in Ireland!

We are a network outreach in Ireland, therefore by visiting with us, you become part of a Network that has links with the variety of Denomination that are scattered around the island of Ireland.

We are here to set up Conference Venues for your Ministry-Link you wirth House Groups  you with Churches-what ever you need either being in Ireland or if you are in visiting our shores from another Nation we are called to assist you in whichever way possible to us.

We are called to serve the Body of Believers in Messianic/Israel Ministry!

Island Support Network & Links:

We are also providing the opportunity for small groups around the island of Ireland to connect with us so we can offer informal support and resource advise to their Group/Ministry to enable them to be part of the overall Israel-Messianic Witness in Ireland, North & South.

Please note: INI will not provide a covering but offer Mentorship/Support and Advise only.

You will also have the opportunity to invite the latest Jewish Believing visitors who are touring Ireland to come to your group/fellowship/Church.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Shalom uv'Rachah b'Yeshua HaMashiach.