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Stormont 07 & Stormont Initiative 2008 Launch


At the beginning of 2007, the Lord spoke to Donna, the Founder of INI and said to her to Hold "A Night for Ireland to Honor Israel on the 40th Anniversary of the Recapture of Jerusalem"  The next day He told her to hold this Event at the Seat of Government.  The strange thing was there wasn't a Government in place when God had said this to Donna, and there hadn't been for some decades!

And all throughout the planning and preparation stages for our Event there still wasn't an agreed Government in place.  However believing God had spoken, by faith she continued to move forward and then stunningly just seven days before our Event took place, Government did indeed sit down in agreement to rule over the North of Ireland in partnership from Stormont. So seven days after the Government was put in place we found ourselves to be in exactly the same building, using the same seating, same Podium as Prime Ministers and Politicians from across the nations, they were to Rule  the Nation, we were there to Raise the Name of our Awesome God, the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Details of  the Event are below:

A Night for Ireland to Honor Israel

on the 40th Anniversary of the Recapture of Jerusalem,

at the Seat of the New Government in Northern Ireland.

15th May 2007


Our spiritual agenda from God was simply to Praise the Name of the Hebrew God from the Seat of Government in Northern Ireland.

This proved to be a very special and spiritual strategic Event . Those involved were from various cultural and religious backgrounds such as: Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Politician, Pastors and Leaders. People came from United States, Europe, South Africa and from the North & South of the island of Ireland to stand United as they lifted the Name of the God of Israel over the nation of Ireland from the Seat of the then 7 day old Government in Northern Ireland.

Over two hundred people came and took part in what people are now calling

"Historic Night for Ireland"


Amazing Prophetic Word given in the Stormont Hotel just metres from our venue, just days before our Event.


The Chuck Pierce [Glory of Zion Ministries] visit to Belfast in 30th April 2007

Prophetic Word:


This visit was at a kairos moment. After years of hostility the leaders of Northern Ireland's dominant rival groups held

their first face to face talks on the day we entered the land. They came to an agreement to enter a power-sharing government an hour before I stood up to speak. The word "historic" was used all over the nation. Headlines like"Clouds Lifted in Northern Ireland" could be seen in paper after paper. The atmosphere of an entire nation shifted. At a hotel across from Parliament, we then had a meeting with about 400 participants and celebrated.

I gave the following word:

"A new course is being determined in this very hour for this land. For you have stepped into a historical moment when I will begin to move in a new peculiar way in Northern Ireland.

I am going to cause the voice of the women of the land who have not been heard to be heard now. Women will begin to rise up and overthrow the contentions of the past. Women will lead this land into a new place of victory. I am extending a call to the women consultants of the land. They will be positioned on committees for such a time as this. They will bridge the gaps with wisdom in the areas where men have not been able to find


This is a time of removing the strongholds of religion throughout this nation. A new outbreak of worship will overthrow resistance structures that have been developed by man. Unusual worship with new sounds and movements will come forth from this land.

Unusual worship will produce unusual miracles. This is the worship that will bring MY people together as one to rule and influence the world again. Declare and decree that the power of religion has lost its control. This nation will now become a new wineskin. You have heard of structures becoming new structures and old wineskins becoming new wineskins, but now this nation will become a new wine skin. I will pour revelation over Ireland and reorder the government of this land. This new government will rule in a different way. Do not let past trauma hold you from coming into this new river of rule. The Fire of GOD that has been held captive for 430 years will now begin to come forth. The spring wind will now begin to blow on the fire that is held captive deep within the bosom of this land.

Embrace the Fire and become a new people!"

                 Both sides of the Political Fence now in Agreement! 
                New Assembly for Northern Ireland launched 8th May 2007.


Chronicle Newspaper Article 3/3/08



Stormont Christian Initiative


Launched March 2008.

Click on the above photo to go to the Stormont Christian Initiative site.

Following the tremendous success of an Event in Stormont last year, which was made possible by the Sponsorship of Strangford MLA Jim Shannon, the first ever 'Night for Ireland to Honor Israel', was held to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the re-capture of Jerusalem.

This subsquently led to the birthing of this Ministry and to another Night to Honour Israel at Stormont for Israel's 60th birthday in 2008.

In light of last year's success, 'The Stormont Christian Initiative' has been launched, with the aim of 'bringing Ireland in line with a new wind of the Spirit'.

This 'new wind' is aligning nations and Christian believers within the nations to stand with the Jewish people from a more complete biblical perspective. It is in no way a political movement, however, it represents 'a fresh out-pouring of the Spirit of the Living God, in preparation for His soon return'.

The Stormont Christian Initiative is co-founded by Alderman Shannon MLA and Donna Taggart, Israel Network Ireland, and with its launch they are asking all believers in Jesus, across Ireland, from across the cultural, inter-denominational backgrounds to contact them with a view to uniting with them, in prayer for politicians, pastors and leaders, and also to stand with them for two special events a year at Stormont.


Donna Taggart and Jim Shannon MLA launch Stormont Christian Initiative. 13/3/08


For further details of the Stormont Christian Initiative and the forthcoming events at Stormont this year, contact Donna Taggart on 07746 985976 or or