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Welcome to the Israel Network Ireland

All Site Content Copyright INI 2008

Thank  you for visiting our online home, we hope you will enjoy your time browsing our little site and that you will consider standing with us in prayer for our outreach here in Ireland.

The Story so far.......


The Ministry was birthed in the North of Ireland in a little place called Greyabbey, close to the beautiful Strangford Lough with fantastic views over looking the famous Mountains of Mourne in the distance.

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Our areas of intercession originally was to Pray for the Jewish Remnant of Israel within Ireland [North & South] even though the numbers of Jewish people on the island of Ireland had dwindled greatly over the past few decades, it seemed the Lord was still concerned with the tiny numbers who remained here including those who were destined to come to our shores to live but also to minister. 

The work has also had a calling to pray that as a Nation we would become a vessel of blessing and support to the Jewish people in Israel. So our prayers were that Ireland would be chosen by God to be a blessing for Israel from Government level downwards and that subsequently all those who dwell on the island of Ireland would be blessed and in turn be a blessing.

So then it can be said that the original calling of the Ministry was three fold:

  1. To Pray for the Remnant of Israel within Ireland.
  2. To Pray that the Nation of Ireland would be a blessing to Israel.
  3. To Awake the Believers in the inter-denominational Church to their Lost Hebraic Heritage.

So, for approximately fifteen years or so we pioneered Messianic Ministry in Ireland North & South under the Ministry title of Messianic Network Ireland. As a Ministry we brought into Ireland Jewish Believers from around the world to Teach on the rich Hebraic Heritage of Christianity. We held Weekend Conferences, Courses, planted two Shabbat Fellowships, one North and One South, had Messianic Mikvah's and much more, but this season of pioneering in Ireland culminated fantastically in May 2007 with our being Sponsored by our local Politician to hold the First ever "Night for Ireland to Honor Israel" at Stormont, the Seat of the then, New Government in Northern Ireland. You can read more about this exciting Event in detail on our Stormont page.


Photo of Messianic Mikvah Teaching before total immersion in the Irish Sea-

Christian Baptism is rooted in Jewish Ritual Mikvah.


                                                                                          Northern Shabbat reaches first Birthday!

The Shabbat was created by God for Mankind, before God chose Himself a people called Israel. Yet today the Jewish people are the only Nation on the planet to Keep the Sabbath Holy and Separated unto God. It is said: When the Jewish people were scattered through the nations for thousands of years, - "That it is not that the Jews have kept Shabbat but rather that Shabbat has kept the Jews!"

So from Teaching Events to Conferences and from Messianic Mikvah's [Baptism]to Concert Pianists from Teaching Courses to Television Interrviews, we have by the grace of God Hosted a huge variety of Events in Ireland and now as we launch this New season of outreach under our New Ministry title Israel Network Ireland, we look forward with great anticipation to what God has in store for us as we continue to stir greater awareness in Ireland of the importance of Israel from a biblical perspective and also bring awarness to God'shigher plan for Ireland as a nation.

Directly after our Event at Stormont in 07' the Lord began to speak of a new beginning for us as an outreach in Ireland. He shared the Name of the ministry was to become Israel Network Ireland.

In the past few years it has become evident that Gods Mighty Spirit is moving across the world in a vast way and new way!

Please Note: God is calling together nations and believers alike to understand the prophetic promises throughout the complete Word of God in regards to standing with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in these prophesied times. As we work, eat and sleep our way round the daily clock of routine, the peoples of the globe are marching swiftly and for the most part ignorantly, towards the climax of the ages and the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy concerning Israel and the Nations.

Shalom Aleichem!

Peace be unto you!


Stormont Christian Initiative