Prophetic Word given to Donna in 1995 from a believer.facebook


‘Desire the presence of my Holy Spirit more than anyone else and he shall lead you in perfect ways where you shall see good rich fruit for your labour.

I know your heart and you shall know more of My anointing on your life in these days as you are open to my Holy Spirit.

My Word in your mouth shall become even more powerful as you declare My purposes, even with Israel in these days, for as you speak a trumpet will be sounded, calling my body to arise from slumber and complacency and to help fulfil my purposes and plans.’

Shalom and Welcome to the online home of Donna Taggart Ministries!  The Lord told Donna on the night of  7th November 2015 that she should move all the ministry sites under,  so here we are!


[INI] Israel Network Ireland the Pioneering years of introducing the Hebraic Heritage throughout the island of Ireland. [North & South]

The next stage was to take me Pioneering at Government, Stormont Belfast- Indoor & Outdoor ‘One New Man’ Events of Excellence began in 2007 and then in May 2008 Jim Shannon and I launched SCI!