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From Donna’s Desk…..

Today’s Date: 23/8/16

Well, I always thought I had nothing to say but here I am with a Blog to write. Although God knows what I am to do with this but I will definitely need all of His help! Praise His Name for desiring to dwell in this body because He sure makes my life a lot e, Hospitalasier!legI am sitting here in the wheelchair looking out my front window close to Strangford Lough in NI and I am just typing while I am so filled with Love for My Messiah it’s as if He is ‘ALL MINE’ and no one else’s Awesome! Just like a child adores His Father and He alone is on His Father’s knee!

Have you been close to your Heavenly Father lately?

Why does He need us to respond to Him like a little child, you may have asked yourself but it is like this, God REQUIRES nothing at all from us but our LOVE for Him. So let’s meditate on this and nothing else for the next 24 hours and see how relaxed you become when you let go and let God and think of Him only! Bye for now…..

Well we are now on the 14/11/16 and I have had an amazing few months! So I am going to attempt to write an update for this past few months in a condensed version.