in Stormont under the Ministry of

Stormont Christian Initiative 

HSBN Celebration Branch Launch and Healing Event.

Tickets for this Event can be paid for through this site. Please email us the requested info that is listed on the Poster below or you can post all the details to us at the PO Box if preferred.

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One New Man

D i v i n e  H e a l i n g  E v e n t.

Mental, Physical, Emotional

‘Come meet with Messiah in the Secret Place’


God really did meet with me! It turns out this Event fulfilled the Vision that I had seen back in June 2016, I saw someone in wheelchair  under a Chuppah and then the vision widened and I could see where  it was sitting and it was in The Great Hall in Stormont. and because I’ve never seen myself as  being in a wheelchair I shared this with my daughter and said to her I only know of one person in a wheelchair but I haven’t seen  her in years! My poor daughter looked at me in total exasperation with her two hands over her head and said Mum! mum! mum! do you not think for once God might be speaking to you!

I was so shocked! I looked at her wee face and I could have cried, she has journeyed with me all her life through the asthma, eczema, and then the MS. So I understood why she was so exasperated.

Then the next month in my ear I heard, so clearly Michelle Voice singing into the Holy of Holies and it was as though she was right there in the room with me!

However, I still didn’t think He could be meaning ONLY ME but He was and I am now healed words cannot describe what I feel as I watch how our Amazing Heavenly Abba arranged that my whole family and friends to be in NI for this Event not knowing what would happen! God orchestrated this Divine Event and all my were all there with me as Virginia White and her awesome anointed Sh’ma Kingdom Dance Team took us all under the Blood, under the Chuppah and then into the Secret Place which was under a second and most beautiful golden chuppah were Messiah said to me ‘It is Done!’


The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network, UK & Ireland Branch.

Please Note:  This Event was recorded for Digital TV which appeals to the 21st Century Viewer as it can be watched on Mobile, ipad, laptop etc.  The Event and can be viewed on the Donna Taggart Programme ‘One New Man’ a few weeks after recording which was September 2nd 2016.